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“Buzz” or dumpling is one of the main traditional representations of Mongolia. It has been served over years and well known for its value which is beneficial for fatigue and refreshes the body system due to its unique wrap making.


Jignuur Buuz offers “Buuz” in a variety of ways, which are the peak essentials dish during holidays in Mongolia. Jignuur Buuz’s recipes are inspired by Northern Mongolia, offering a variety of dumplings from fried to steamed, mutton to beef, 100% made from scratch in-house daily, along with national salads and soups.


We take pride in handcrafting each of our Buuz from the freshest organic and locally sourced ingredients every day. There is no simple comparison to a freshly made, freshly cooked Buuz.


It is our pleasure to serve national delicacy at quick service along with authenticity in 3 locations throughout Ulaanbaatar, the brand became a go-to spot amongst people who craves Mongolian Traditional dumpling Buuz.